Our solution

We provide an Apple TV and smart-tv integration to all major video content managment systems such as 23video, wistia, arkena and vidyard. By using TVTrail we can provide your viewers with a rich media experience in their living rooms. We offer different packages that allow you to quickly and easily start sharing your content with your customerbase.
  • 3 videotracks
  • Standard look
  • Browsing
  • Standard video settings
  • Public videos only
start up

per month

  • Up to 9 videotracks
  • Brand look
  • Browsing and search
  • Custom video settings
  • Public videos only
start up

per month

  • Device linking with Cleeng
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Customization
  • Early access to new features
  • Tailored graphical assets
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Our customers

If I choose basic, can I upgrade at a later date?
Yes, the difference will be invoiced, and the montly cost raised.
I am using a paywall, such as Cleeng can users watch this content on the AppleTV or Smart TV ?
Yes, we integrate with Cleeng to allow linking of devices to subscriptions.
I have some content that is not suitable for Apple TV, can I just show it on the web solution?
Yes, all PG content and content unsuitable for the living room experience can be tagged and excluded from the Apple TV app.
What do you mean by early access to new features?
We are continously developing new features for our app, the Premium customers recieve these features if they want.
What is the difference between standard and brand look?
The standard look only has the logo as branding element. In a brand look, we can customize colors and branding.
What do you mean by standard and custom video settings?
By having custom video settings the user can select the quality of the videos streamed from your servers.
Why the difference in montly costs?
The standard app require a relatively simple server architecture. In the other packages the complexity increases.